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Friends of GEM

Prophetic Messages

Never Alone Release Party

The Next Generation Prophets Speak

Never Walk Alone

James Interviews Matt Sorger

James Interviews Stacey Campbell

James Interviews Steven Springer

James Interviews Jon Hamill

What the World Needs Now

Never Alone 3

Revelation Without Deception - Lesson 1

The Voice of Destiny with Larry Sparks and Special Guest James W. Goll

Commissioned for the Frontlines

A New Era is Upon Us

Do You Know the Seven Spirits of God?

Jewish Voice Ministries - The Lifestyle of a Watchman

Let the Lion Roar!

The Lifestyle of a Watchman

Compassionate Intercession - Try Tears

Values Anchored Believers

The Voice of the Lord Creates Breakthrough

2017 - A Year of Breakthrough

Year End Blessing for 2016 from James W. Goll

When Jesus Saves the Best till Last

The Coming Israel Awakening - Part 1

The Coming Israel Awakening - Part 2

Battle Plans for Overcomers

West Coast Rumble - June 2016

West Coast Awakening 10 AM

Well Women Lead Well

Entering into the Intercession of Christ

Prophetic Destiny

ACPE Word of the Lord 2016

Generosity - by Peter Wagner

Ambassadors of Blessing

Hope For Change

Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem 2015

Mothers of Revival

It s Evening in Sodom

You Can Raise The Dead!

Why Am I Attacked

What is a Seer

Third Heaven Intercession

What is a Mystic

What do Dreams Tell You

Treasures New and Old - WOFL 2014 Session 4

The Seer

The Coming Awakening

Purity According to God

Raising the Dead

Praying for Revival

Praying for Israel

Judical Intercession

Israel Awakening

How To Encounter God!

House Guests from Heaven

God s Media Army

God Encounters

God and Entertainment

Dream Big, Even in the Second Half of Life - Part 2

Dream Big, Even in the Second Half of Life - Part 1

Do You Speak In Tongues?



The Dwelling Place 7/15/15

10th Anniversary Celebration- James Goll Sunday Morn

10th Anniversary Celebration - James Goll Session 3

From Caitlyn to Court Votes - How Do We Respond - By Steve Fry 7/5/2015

Mike Bickle

Metamorphosis – The Process of Change

Generational Prophetic Synergy

The Purim Cry

The Lord of the Harvest

Praying For Israel


The Greatest Awakening


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