The Prophetic Intercessor – Book – By James W. Goll

The Prophetic Intercessor – Book – By James W. Goll


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In The Prophetic Intercessor, you are challenged to pray God’s promises and experience a whole new level of effectiveness in personal and corporate prayer. James shares from his personal life and experience in the ministry to exhort, equip and bring transformation your prayer life.

69 in stock (can be backordered)


The Prophetic Intercessor book

God’s Soldiers Are Strongest When They’re On Their Knees.

A look at God’s greatest warriors shows that the secret to moving heaven and earth lies in kneeling – humbling ourselves before God in prayer and reminding Him of His promises to His people.  Only then are we ready to take aim and fire our spiritual weapons.

In The Prophetic Intercessor, you are encouraged to pray God’s promises and experience a whole new level of effectiveness in personal, corporate and even international concerns.  James draws from the stories of Elijah, who travailed for rain, and Anna, a praying prophetess whose intercession prepared the way for the Messiah. He utilizes these stories to illustrate the biblical mandate for intercessory prayer.  James also shares his personal experience of how God gave him and his wife four children after years of barrenness. This is his testimony and a metaphor for what God can do for hopeless circumstances when Christians lay claim to God’s promises.  This inspiring reading will transform your prayer life.

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