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30 Nov, 2016

When You Are Up Against a Wall

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Have you ever “hit the wall” with no seeming way forward? How do you keep getting back up again when it appears to be set back after set back? Well, I have been in this place multiple times and I seem to be there once again. Right now, many people are “Up Against the Wall.” So in my own search for light and guidance, the Holy Spirit has highlighted some truths in the writings of my late wife, Michal Ann Goll. In the book A Call to the Secret Place I found nuggets of truth in the last chapter titled "The Shelter of [...]

10 Nov, 2016

Waiting or Warring: Contending for Prophetic Promises

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When God has given a prophetic promise, how are we to respond? Are we to wait for Him to bring it about in His divine timing, or are we to war for that which He has promised to see it speedily brought forth? This is not really a trick question. Hopefully you will agree that the answer is - BOTH! Scripture gives clear direction that we are to wait for the Lord AND to war for His promises. But sometimes walking this out can be harder than it at first appears. So while both are important, today I want [...]